• The unique and well-known University of Oxford brand came from its rich history as if side by side with the greatest philosophers and the world leaders.
  • About Oxford
  • The University of Oxford, established in 1231 AD, is the most famous and oldest university in the English-speaking world and has always been the hall of the world-class elite from around the world. Oxford brand represents outstanding achievements and wisdom leadership.
    With an easily recognizable coat of arms, the University of Oxford brand offers a classic feel that combines quality, tradition, and heritage to create a timeless consumer product range.

    The University of Oxford also houses an amazing and immense archive of resources tracing back 800 years that licensees can utilize as design resources. The licensing program has been promoted through its rich historical resources and the combination of the various products. With its Oxford’s fashion style, the combination of Oxford brand and licensed products has become closer to our lives.

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