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Through our professional experience and strategic planning from regional management team, we provide the most efficient expertise of the comprehensive license knowledge and to assist our clients on developing promotional strategies and management services.
A. Our Operation Model
B. Brands We Represent
Chang Chieh, Britt, Daniel Hechter, Forever Friends, Hallmark, Longboard, MTR, Nina, Ruckfield, Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, UCLA.
C. Services Provided
The Asian consumer market, especially China, has been saturated with many brands over the past 10 years. There is no lack or need for “new” brands in any market segment. Consumers are becoming sophisticated and well-educated in regards to their purchasing preferences, and retailers are even more demanding on brand background, recognition, and performance. Any brand who wants to enter the market needs to generate not only brand awareness, but they must also have high product quality and design, price position, reach their target consumers, create a strong retail image and develop promotional strategies that can satisfy local consumer demand. Therefore, a detailed and complicated review and plan produced by an experienced market operator is necessary to ensure that the brand will have long term success against the ever increasing competition and fast business operation cycle.
We devise a “Total Solution” strategy with a “Zero Cost” approach to help our clients to develop, implement and manage a winning strategy.
You will find an Interasia Group to help develop your brand and reach success by utilizing our local market experience, know-how and network.
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